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Litujeme, ale tato diskuse byla uzavřena a již do ní nelze vkládat nové příspěvky.
Děkujeme za pochopení.

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Mr. Amb: PUSH (at last) CR to stop discrimination of Cz-Ams

Your Excellency: You' re a representative of "beacon of liberty", universal model of democracy, rule of law, protection of sacred rights, i.e. also private property rights. After all, NATO membership and quarantees which come with it guarantee to investors that Czech Rep is SAFE for capital.

WHY the USA, sadly also  Republican administration, you, a businessman and Republican STILL do not have the guts, moral fiber, spine etc. to push the CR to stop discriminating fellow Americans of Czech origin, refugees from communism, as CR still refuses  to give them remedies given (and also deserved) to victims of communism who couldn't or didnt want to flee the totality? Or do you care only about investment of Phillip Morris, not US citizens, victims of communism? Why Cato or Heartland Institute praise Klaus (whom KSCM supports) as reaganite when he, like the KSCM, always lead effort to block any restitutions, namely to refugees from the CSSR?

Mr. Ambassador: You cannot do better? Thank you.

4.9.2008 19:20


Dear Sir! I am glad to see your text here!

A hope that you will be able to express the americans point of view to actual issues! First of all I like to know your opinion about the Russian-Georgian conflict. Do you think that cold war was begin two weeks before or one year before, when Russians started again the flights of strategic bombarders with nuclear weapons?

3.9.2008 23:08


Zatim nereaguje...


3.9.2008 18:25


Excellency: I don't take your illusions (you have some left?

PR and Madison Avenue, after all, advise to talk, talk, engage in talk your oponent. So far so good. They will get it "off of their chest", half a battle already won, right?

Look at 19 yrs since fall of Berlin Wall, USSR, non-Far-East communism: Are Russiona people better of, much more free, free to travel, flood Prague downtown and saving Pariska ulice Dior etc?

Then look at American middle class: Are they better off since 1989? Their liberties encroached upon, standard of living, not moving since 1978, falling. American dream becoming just that a dream. Squeezed badly by healthcare household bancruptcy explosion, caught by expensive gasoline prices from runing away from crime zone and problems of urgan ghettos. And those "checks and balances", "free media": Where they have been with Bush-Blair swindle about WMD to be fired by Saddam "in 45 minutes"? Where else can one lie and move 1/4 soldiers and millions of tons of supply half way around a globe? Are you gonna send NSA after me?

3.9.2008 17:18


Jo, paráda

ANGLIČTINA v českém plátku...8-o:-/

2.9.2008 18:25


Talking about elections...

...who will you vote, mr. ambassador?

2.9.2008 16:23


Re: Talking about elections...

Even if

2.9.2008 16:28


Re: Re: Talking about elections...

Sorry ...

Even if Mr. Ambassador had made up his mind already, he most certainly would not have told us. This would be highly inappropriate. The same goes for a wide range of other issues. He is not simply supposed to answer such questions unambiguously (even if he were not a lawyer).

2.9.2008 16:36


Re: Re: Re: Talking about elections...

I was not even expecting to get an answer...I guess he's got better things to do than "chat" with us...:-)

2.9.2008 16:45


Re: Re: Re: Re: Talking about elections...

Yes, but he is still trying anyway.

2.9.2008 20:41



However much I do appreciate your attempt to discuss with us - the commoners - on this basis, I am not quite sure whether this is a good idea. This is an informal forum presenting informal voices of normal people. Some contributions of our politicians to this forum are felt here as a sort of self-advertising. In fact, what kind of difference could be between your blog contributions here and the official website of US Embassy in Prague?

2.9.2008 15:00


Re: Excellency


2.9.2008 15:32


Dear Mr. Ambassador

I'm afraid you will be abused here by a lot of anonymous readers. But be sure there are still Czechs who remember our mutual history and who hope that there will be no need for another Omaha beach in the future. Looking forward for another blog of yours.:)

2.9.2008 14:29


Re: Dear Mr. Ambassador

And we're really gald that you now can show Czech republic on the map of the world! :-)

2.9.2008 14:52


Re: Re: Dear Mr. Ambassador


2.9.2008 14:52


Re: Re: Dear Mr. Ambassador

Yes. If Russians did not make our country disappear under totalitarian rule from the world maps Czechoslovakia would have been known as well as Switzerland is. Thank you Russian dictators for your occupation. Rv

5.9.2008 7:01

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